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3D Printed Components
Structural Feasibility


3D printing in the past decade has become significantly more commercially available to those not in industry.


The technology is now capable of creating fully functional components and is no longer limited prototyping, and has promising futures in such fields as gastronomy, military, and medicine.


The project assesses the viability of the use of structurally integral 3D printed components in a dynamic setting.


This is to be determined through the testing of various print setups, and which manages to produces a functional design for an electric skateboard.


Using FDM printing technology with the ULTEM™ 9085 polymer, a design solution was determined. With an accumulated printing time of 25 hours, and a total cost of £718.49p, a fully functioning 3D printed electric skateboard was produced.


The board has a top speed of 22mph and an approximate range of 11 miles.

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